Life Has its Ups and Downs

And divorce is definitely a down that can happen to anyone and that many people face. A divorce is mostly seen as a big, expensive, exhausting mess.

On average, the amount spent on legal fees during a divorce can cost anything between $15,000 and $30,000, and high conflict divorces are even more expensive.

When people are faced with the decision to go through a divorce, they are not only taking emotional and spiritual blows, but also significant financial damage that can be quite daunting.


The secret is out and it has the potential of changing the way we see divorces forever. DivorceResults will provide you with the negotiation and mediation techniques that you will need so that you can be prepared to discuss with your partner the terms of the divorce in a friendly, non-conflictive way.

This perfect guide to a friendly and successful divorce has all the do's and don'ts of negotiation so that even without an attorney, the subject of money does not become a battleground between you and your spouse.


Not only does it give you the tool to keep the peace in the midst of your negotiation, it will also equip you with the correct way to influence your partner, making a satisfactory settlement an achievable goal.


Divorce attorneys and negotiators have been using these techniques for years!

It is a method you can learn to master in just one night. Yes! It sounds incredible, but it is absolutely true. It is the most effective way you can save on legal fees during a divorce, and if used correctly, you could avoid going to court at all. You are basically learning to do what a mediator would do. With a mediator, you and your spouse would have to sit down and negotiate terms, aside from doing formal mediation sessions to learn to reconcile the emotional turmoil of your divorce with the agreement you will have to make between you.

With This Technique, We Will Teach You To Be Able To Mediate Yourself

And lead a conflict free, emotionally stable, and completely fair negotiation that can only lead to a satisfactory agreement.

After years of studying and learning from the greatest minds in divorce processes, I became a trained mediator and settlement negotiator and have had the privilege of accompanying couples through some tough times. I have collected all my experience into this system and through it can show you...

  • Why people struggle to settle their own divorces
  • The correct way to "talk money" with a spouse who will soon become an ex.
  • How divorce mediators do it in their own lives
  • The best technique for overcoming distrust and stubbornness
  • The invisible obstacles to a peaceful settlement and how to overcome them
  • Who should make the first offer and how

All of the secrets in DivorceResults, are all tried and tested truths that can guarantee you an oasis of peace and tranquility during a very trying and emotionally draining time that is a divorce.

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